new web server

The web server has been moved to new hardware, and some pages either don't work, or give unexpected errors in places.

netdraw is weird today

Due to a resync with the data collection? Data processing is bust.

We will return to normality as soon as the ferrets work out what normal really is...

what's new?

The new Internet facing box is based on a J1900 Celeron Quad Core CPU running at 2GHz, up from a 500MHz Celeron a decade or more old.

Memory goes from 256MB to 4GB, HDD goes from an 80GB to a 128GB SSD plus a 320GB HDD.

More on the hardware: ga-j1900n-d3v

what's bad?

This site was restored from a very stale 15 month old backup on 2016-05-18, sorry for the lost pages and images. There was a cron job taking backups each 30 mins that was lost in the transfer to new hardware in 2015.

Not missed until a restore was needed -- always the way...


what's here

Open source (GPL) awk and bash scripts for linux, linux kernel .config and dmesg files, and some miscellaneuous information. There's IP to country (geo-location) scripts and database, log file analysis, firewall tools, etc. Even an obscure hardware monitor driver for the linux kernel I rewrote and finished in 2005, it's been in the mainline kernel since 2.6.13.

recent projects


I prefer to use the WinXP Win7 Win10pro desktop, with PuTTY terminals to several linux boxen usually run headless. I've been running windows since version 3, and linux since 1997. I also ran os/2 back in the early '90s.

I started working with PCs before they were called that, with microprocessor development kits in the late '70s, a diskless MicroBee I built from a kit, then cp/m machines also built from kits -- the Ferguson Big Board and Big Board II with eight inch floppy drives.

First contact with a PC was a PC-AT '286 box at work in late 1984. I bought a '386 box with '387 co-pro and all of 8MB memory and a 100MB hard drive in 1990. In 1997 I met unix at uni, had to run something like that at home and it was suggested to me to try linux. Since then I've run a local networked system of windows plus linux machines.